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This role of a car radiator is to allow the engine block so that it is kept relatively cool to avoid serious problems like overheating and seizure. If the pistons cannot slide freely in their cylinders due to excessive friction, they will eventually snap and cause total engine failure. To stop this from happening, a mixture of water and anti-freeze is pumped through chambers in the engine block to absorb the excess heat and draw it away from vital areas.

When this superheated engine coolant exits the engine block, it returns to the radiator through a large rubber hose. A car's radiator is designed to maximize surface area through a significant number of internal folds and chambers. As the hot engine coolant moves through these nooks and crannies, excess heat is drawn out through the walls of the radiator.

An electrical or belt-driven fan may force cooler outside air through the radiator to accelerate this cooling process. As the car moves, the front of the radiator is also cooled by the outside air coming through the car's grill.

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